Unlimited Backups

Truly unlimited backups with no throttling.

We provide unlimited storage without restrictions, and no throttling of your backups. This way you can store as many files as you need and we will provide you with all the necessary disk space that you might need in order to make that a reality.


Competing backup services that claim unlimited data storage tend to have exceptions. Some don’t backup your videos unless you pay for a higher plan. Others won’t backup databases unless you sign up for a special business plan. We don’t have such backup restrictions. Our backups are truly unlimited.


On top of that, we don’t throttle your backup speeds, a feature which slows the speed of your backups to our systems, resulting in less information being backed up in a shorter period. This is a bad backup practice because if you need your backups restored following a disaster, the amount of recent files available for restore could be fewer than what were backed up, resulting in more work on your part to recreate those files. That is, if they can be recreated at all!  With Safedeposit, your backups are only limited by how fast your own internet speed can deliver the backups to us. If you can get a faster speed, your backups will be faster, not throttled to be slower.


Here at SafeDeposit, we value your data backup needs, so no matter if you opt for a business or home backup system, we will tailor it according to your needs. Thanks to the unlimited backup feature, you won’t have to worry about restrictions ever again. Instead you will always have the necessary backup space for your growing business or family, and have peace of mind.