Smart Backups

Designed with intelligence

SafeDeposit is a smart backup system, especially when compared to our competitors. With other backup systems, you get a static backup that works the same way on desktops and laptops, limited storage space and less control over the whole process. SafeDeposit’s backup service is designed to avoid the typical problems that you find with backup services.


Our backup system allows you to work continually without being disturbed. Interruptions such as pop-up boxes or notifications won’t interrupt the user, and instead they can focus on the matter at hand. The backup system will do its part automatically in the background.


For laptop users, SafeDeposit will automatically detect your battery levels. The backup process will be suspended when the battery is lower than 40% to maximize on your usage while being unplugged. This is very useful when you need as much battery as you can get to get through your work on the go. When you plug back in to charge the laptop, the backup will automatically resume where it left off.


Furthermore, our backup software can help desktop users as well. The backup will automatically monitor the computer performance and daily operations, and when it detects that you need more performance to get a task completed, it will delay the backups to avoid computer performance issues. This allows you to be efficient with your work while also protecting your digital assets.


Lastly, our service is fully customizable so you can make it run automatically and forget that it’s even there, while you continue with your daily endeavors. Alternatively, if you don’t want any backups to run until the end of your busy day, we can create a backup schedule that the software can follow. Backups can run after 5PM or simply overnight at hours when your computer usage is mostly non-existent.


SafeDeposit is more than a backup application. It’s a smart partner protecting your important files, pictures, and other media by backing them up intelligently.