Secure Backups

We make sure your backed up files are protected from outsiders.

Creating an off-site, cloud backup is essential for you business, but it also must be secure. Being able to store and transmit your important files in a secure manner is very important.


What makes our system very secure is that your files will backup with us using 448-bit Blowfish file encryption. Our system will start with a smart recognition of the file modifications that are made by the user. All files are tracked automatically in the background to see if there are any changes, and if there are, the files will be broken into smaller blocks, and each one of those blocks will be encrypted with a help of an archive key. The great thing here is that all the encrypted information will be sent through a secure channel, so there won’t be anything to fear in regards to data leaks of anything similar.


All data will still remain in the encrypted form on disk, and the person allowed to see it will receive the archive key. This helps a lot in removing security threats, as only people that have allowed access to your backups can take full advantage of that. The whole data is restored conveniently whenever you need it.


Our solution also includes a flexible key escrow policy, as well as logged restores, proxy support, TLS based communication encryption and so on.


Using the 448-bit Blowfish encryption mode and an archive key will make the whole process a lot more convenient, since there won’t be any security threats as the data is fully encoded. Another important feature comes in the form of anonymity, as no one will ever know what type of data is encrypted. This is a very important thing in our backup service, because this way you get full anonymity and security, something that’s really had to acquire nowadays in a world where just about everything seems to be insecure and filled with security threats.


If desired, we can also password protect access to our backup software so no one can tamper with the backups or restore files without your password. Furthermore if you would like to keep the password or encryption keys, we can continue to monitor and maintain your backup without having access to your data at any point. This is especially important if you need to follow specific regulations such as HIPAA.