Restore Deleted Files

Accidentally deleted a file? human error ? Virus? No problem, we can get it back.

SafeDeposit can restore your deleted files. There are 3 major reasons why restoring deleted files is important. Due to human error, some files get overwritten, deleted, or changed beyond simple recovery. Viruses can also delete your files or encrypt them so it seems like they are intact, but they are inaccessible. Lastly, corruption of your hard drive or files can also make it difficult to recover files that have been damaged or deleted. Lets explore these further below.


Human Error

You create a word document, excel spreadsheet, or other file and then you make changes to it that you initially want. Then you realize some mistakes and can’t go back to a prior version because you overwrote it. Alternatively, you delete the version you wanted accidentally and had to recreate the file from scratch. Someone else accidentally deletes your file. These are just some of the reasons why you need to backup your data. With Safedeposit, human errors are anticipated, but don’t prevent you from recovering your changed, overwritten, or deleted files. Thanks to versioning, and automatic backups, we can restore your files so you don’t have to worry about re-creating them.



Viruses, malware, spyware, and other harmful software can damage computers. But until more recently, they didn’t damage your files. Now, they pose two types of risks to your personal data: damaging your computer and file system so you can’t access your files and deliberately encrypting your files and holding them for ransom. Both are detailed below, and how our cloud backup is even better than traditional external hard drive based backups in these scenarios.


Malware can cause serious damage to Windows operating systems. They can slow down your software, allow hackers to remotely control your computer, and cause irreparable damage to your software environment. These malware can cause file table errors and damage volumes. When this happens, your computer doesn’t just stop working, but the files on it can’t be easily copied to another computer, even from another computer. In cases like these, the only way to restore your files is from our off-site backup solution.


In other instances, malware such as Cryptolocker, can infect your computer and scan every file and encrypt it. When it encrypts your files, you can see that your pictures and documents are intact in their usual places, but when you try to open them, you can’t. This is because Cryptolocker has locked the files, and the only way to re-gain access to your files is by paying them a ransom to obtain a decryption key for a hefty sum through a challenging payment process or by recovering from backups. Unfortunately, if you backed up locally with an external hard drive, those files are also encrypted and not suitable for recovery. The only way to recover your files is from our off-site backup system which has versioning. So even though your most recent versions on our backup system are also encrypted, prior versions are not and cannot be altered. We can recover your files from the backup safely so you can access your documents, pictures, and other important data.



Your files are stored on a file table in a volume, on your hard drive. Sometimes, these file tables and volumes can be corrupted for various reasons. Common ones are sudden power failures while the computer is on, updates, or even for unknown reasons. These corruption lead to costly down time, additional IT expenses, and even sometimes require advanced data recovery. Our backup system can prevent these lost or deleted files from being a cause for concern. Our restoration of your backed up files will make these costly or challenging issues less of a burden on you. You can always buy a new hard drive, server, or repair your computer, but you can’t easily recover your data from these kinds of issues.

SafeDeposit backup is designed to make the restoration process fast and easy, so no matter if your files get damaged or if they are infected with viruses, you can safely restore the previous versions. Thanks to our unlimited storage, you won’t have to worry about storage space or the number of versions stored, instead backup as many versions you want, and get peace of mind.