PC and Mac Backups

SafeDeposit supports the two most popular operating systems, so we’ve got you covered
Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, SafeDeposit will backup your information in the cloud. Below are common uses for each type of computer, and the files we ensure are backed up properly.


Windows is often used for business and financial applications, and office productivity. The following are common types of files and programs that we can backup on your Windows computer for your home or business.

  • Microsoft Office

    • Word (.docx files)
    • Excel (.xlsx files)
    • Powerpoint (.pptx files)
    • Outlook (.pst files)
    • Access (.mdb and .accdb files)
    • Publisher (.pub files)

  • Business Applications

    • SQL Databases
    • ACT
    • Project Management
    • Ordering Systems
    • Manufacturing Systems

  • Financial Software

    • Quickbooks
    • Quicken
    • Turbotax
    • Peachtree
    • Drake
    • TaxAct


Mac OS X is mostly used in homes and education environments. Commonly used to check emails, manage photos, listen to music on iTunes, watch videos, and of course perform casual web surfing. SafeDeposit can ensure that all of your iPhoto pictures are protected, emails are backed up, and music is securely accessible if playlists needs to be restored.


Below are common files that should be backed up on your Mac

  • Essentials

    • Emails from Apple Mail or Entourage/Outlook
    • iPhoto pictures
    • iTunes music and playlists
    • Safari, Firefox, and Chrome bookmarks
    • iMovie and Final Cut videos and projects
    • Contacts

  • Productivity

    • Word (.docx files)
    • Excel (.xlsx files)
    • Powerpoint (.pptx files)
    • Outlook (.pst files)
    • Quickbooks for Mac
    • Apple Pages, Keynote, and Numbers files

No matter what type of operating system you use, we will provide you with the best possible backup system. Thanks to our unique versioning of your files, unlimited backup capability and monitoring, you can be sure that you will always get an amazing experience, while also getting quick access to every file at your own leisure.