Monitored Backups

We’ll make sure your backups are properly working, and contact you if they aren’t.

What makes our cloud based backup system stand out of the crowd is that we monitor your backups. Through this, we review your backup logs in order to make sure that your data is always being backed up. This removes all the hassle from your hands and instead it allows us to always make sure that your data is updated and safe, no matter what happens.


With Safedeposit, once a backup process fails, we will send you an email or call in order to notify you about the issue. Furthermore, we can remotely connect to your computer in order to solve the problem quickly. From problem to solution, monitoring is included with no extra charges, so you can enjoy an amazing backup service without having to worry about anything else.


We found that other backup systems leave the responsibility of monitoring the backups up to you, the end user. They assume you don’t have work or other responsibilities. When you use Safedeposit, we’ll share that responsibility of backing up your computer.


With monitoring, you can be certain that all your files will be fully updated at all times as members of our team are continually monitoring the backup file logs so you don’t have to. The Monitored service is the only one in the world which brings a constant connection with your backups. Through it, our team can immediately notify you or take action without any hassle.