HIPAA Compliant Backups

We follow HIPAA guidelines to support those in the medical and insurance fields.

All of our services here at Safe Deposit have been fully developed in direct compliance with the HIPAA, also known as the health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Safe Deposit can easily be used in a HIPAA supported environment only if it follows a certain amount of procedures and policies. In fact, all companies have the opportunity to create and design their own policies if this means that they can use the Safe Deposit application in a manner supported by HIPAA.


Our application can be configured to support HIPAA simply by following a simple set of guidelines. In addition, we always try to facilitate HIPAA compliance, so if your organization requires it, we will provide you with the best possible help from our side.


The guidelines for HIPAA support require a signed BAA, and then your data can be protected by simply storing all the important encryption keys on a master server where they can be accessed securely. This removes all problems that you might encounter in regards to key access and safety, as they will be deposited remotely in a place where they are very hard to reach. Alongside that, we will provide support when it comes to assigning user roles for each person that can have access to the data.


Not only that, but with our help you will also have the opportunity to access some auditing capabilities as well, as we provide you with the ability to change the user roles according to the needs of your company and, if needed, create or delete users. Knowing who and when your sensitive data was accessed is very important.


Our team will help you do everything from getting the BAA to configuring Safe Deposit and adding it with HIPAA support.