Backup Versioning

We can get the file before it was ruined.

One of the major features in our backup system is versioning. With versioning, you will have the unique opportunity to backup or restore multiple versions of each file, as they were updated over time. For example, this is a great feature for when you want to restore a word document to how it was before your recent changes 2 hours ago, 2 days ago, or even 2 years ago. Or if you have a Quickbooks company file that was fine the day before but ruined by an intern 3 hours ago. With versioning, you can essentially go back in time.


The best thing about our versioning system is definitely the fact that the snapshots for each version can be restored separately, something that removes the risks of having to worry about the entire contents of a folder containing mixed backup files from different times. Combined with the unlimited feature, versioning provides a very powerful way to always have the data you have in your account right under your fingertips, something that proves to be very helpful in case of data loss, corruption, or viruses. Each version snapshot can be reverted in order to restore the file to its original state, or if you want, you can get only the latest version.


The version retention system in SafeDeposit backup means that we will keep more versions of your recently backed up files and less versions of the older ones since they don’t get changed. Thanks to our unlimited storage, you won’t have any limitations in regards to the amount of data that can be stored in the cloud.


Alongside versioning, we also provide you with the means to select your backup frequency. SafeDeposit will watch your file system in real time and track if there is a need for a file change automatically, without any restrictions.  We can retain the newest version based on different intervals, which amount a week, trimester, year or multiple years.


Versioning is a powerful backup feature that saves you from human errors, viruses, and provides peace of mind.