Who we are and why we did this

SafeDeposit is ServiceByte’s own version of a cloud backup system, with an important element others don’t provide. There are many cloud backup systems, but ours is better. It’s better because in 2013 we encountered the number one problem with all other backup systems: they are not being monitored by anyone.


In 2013, we had a client who had an infection called Cryptolocker, which encrypts your computer and backup files from your external hard drive. In short, your files are still there, but you can’t access them because they are encrypted. The best way to restore access to your files is through online backups, because you can restore a version of your files prior to infection. Unfortunately, in our client’s case, the last backup his cloud backup service performed was 6 months prior to the infection. His backup provider didn’t even try to reach out to him about his backups not occurring. We realized responsibility was solely his. This was absurd, especially as our dependence on our digital assets is more important than ever before.


With SafeDeposit, we’ll be that important responsible party that makes sure your backups are happening. We audit your backups, provide you with a log of what will be backed up, and ensure that information is continuously backed up. If it doesn’t backup, we’ll email, call, or even visit you to ensure that the backups resume normally.